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Reset Brother Toner Cartridges - Brother Printer Instructions

On this page we have listed the various Brother toner reset instructions for you. The reset instructions for Brother printers are sorted by printer series and printer model. There is also a list of the different toners for Brother printers, sorted according to the TN numbers (TN stands for the toner cartridge at Brother).

When is a Brother toner reset necessary?

After changing the toner, the Brother laser printer should automatically recognize the new toner and the page counter in the printer should be reset. If this detection does not work immediately, e.g. if you are using compatible toners for Brother printers, you should reset the Brother toner and you can continue printing as normal.

If a toner cartridge in the printer shows as empty, but there is still enough toner powder for further prints, you should reset the Brother toner to correct the problem of the blinking LED on the laser printer. Keep an eye on the reprinted documents and change the empty toner cartridges in good time, because you should avoid empty printouts with a laser printer or color laser printer. If you are having problems with the toner cartridges, simply search for the appropriate Brother toner reset guide and let the printer detect the toner again. So YOU ​​can fix the problem yourself in a few simple steps.

Important notes on resetting Brother toner

The reset instructions contained on these pages are not associated with any obligations or guarantees. We are not responsible for any improper implementation of the toner reset instructions. The list of various toner reset instructions for Brother printers is not intended to be exhaustive or accurate. Despite careful research, the database may contain errors. We are constantly expanding and updating the instructions. We look forward to suggestions for improvement and additions. If we could help you, recommend us to others!

Please also note the following information: Quickly follow the instructions to reset the Brother toner Make sure to follow the exact order of the individual steps in the instructions Not every Brother printer reports that the reset process has been completed successfully Follow the instructions in the Printer manual when you open the front cover of the printer or before touching any part inside the printer. If in doubt, do not follow the instructions and seek professional advice. Check your printer's warranty and any service contracts that may exist

If you want to choose between different toner cartridges in the instructions (starter toner, normal toner, jumbo or XXL toner), this refers to the range (page yield) of the toner cartridges. Often times, you can reset the counter for different toner areas.

A selection of the letters CMYK always refers to the individual color toners in a Brother color laser printer. M stands for magenta, C stands for cyan, Y for yellow (yellow) and K for key (black / black). Select the color you want to reset or repeat the instructions for all colors if you want to use a new toner set (multipack) and perform a toner reset for all the toners in your Brother printer.

Overview of the different toners from Brother

Here are the reset instructions for each Brother toner. If you know Brother's TN number (= the toner used in the printer), here are instructions on how to reset the toner.

Brother toner reset by toner number (TN number)

Please select the Brother toner with the appropriate TN number to go to the appropriate reset instructions: