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Refill Toner (Instructions) Brother TN-2110, TN-2120, HL-2140, HL-2170

VPreparation for filling the toner cartridge Brother TN-2110, TN-2120, HL-2140, HL-2170

Before you start filling, please read the instructions carefully. When filling toner cartridges, we generally recommend wearing gloves and a fine dust mask.

This toner cartridge from Brother is very easy to fill. Place the toner cartridge on the table in front of you. Carefully remove the label (Figure 1). The sealing plug is located underneath. With a spatula or a small screwdriver you can remove the sealing plug with small lever movements (Figure 2). In some cases it is inevitable that you destroy the sealing plug in the process.Figure 1 Figure 2

Before refilling your toner cartridge, you must remove the old toner powder. Due to different physical and chemical properties, the new and old toner can clump together. Vacuum the old toner powder or shake it into a tight plastic bag.

To refill the Brother TN-2110, TN-2120, HL-2140, HL-2170 toner cartridge:

Figure 3

Take your bottle of refill toner and screw a filling funnel onto it. This funnel makes it easier for you to dose more precisely during filling. Pour the toner powder into the toner cartridge (Figure 3). When you have filled your toner cartridge, you can insert the sealing plug again.

IMPORTANT: The TN-2110 and TN-2120 cartridges must be absolutely closed. Check the cartridge for leaks by tapping lightly on a piece of white paper. No toner should trickle out of the laser cartridge. Now the reset lever on the other side of the toner cartridge of the Brother TN-2110, TN-2120, HL-2140, HL-2170 must be returned to its original position.

Replacing and resetting the reset lever on the toner cartridge Brother TN 2110, TN 2120, HL 2030, HL 2040, HL 2070:

Various Brother toner cartridges are equipped with a reset lever. The TN-210 is one of them. The reset lever is a mechanical device that reliably counts down the toner level and, when the toner cartridge is empty, indicates that the cartridge needs to be refilled. Figure 4 shows you a reset lever that shows “empty”, which means that the toner cartridge must be refilled. Loosen the three screws (4) marked in Figure 3 and remove the side cover.

The fifth picture shows you the inside of the side cover. Insert the reset lever as shown in Figure 5. Then you can put the side cover back on the toner cartridge and screw it tight. The reset lever should now point to the top left (Figure 6). In this position the reset lever shows "full". Your toner cartridge is now full and the reset lever is fully reset. Now you can finally print again!

Figure 4 - Remove the screws! Figure 5
Figure 6 - Correctly align the reset lever!







Safety note for handling refill toner: Refill toner and toner powder can be harmful to health if improperly handled. We expressly recommend the use of respiratory protection equipment or suction chambers when filling toner cartridges. In addition, toner powder and refill toner can be extremely flammable with an appropriate oxygen mixture. Also, be careful not to touch the photoconductor drum or expose it to direct sunlight. This can lead to incorrect printouts. Eurotone assumes no responsibility for the success or failure of the procedure described.