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Refill Toner (Instructions) HP CF283A, 83A

Preparation for filling the CF283A, 83A toner cartridge:

Printer models: HP LaserJet Pro MFP M 120, MFP M 125 a, MFP M 125 nw, MFP M 125 rnw, MFP M 126 a, MFP M 126 nw, MFP M 127 fn, MFP M 127 fp, MFP M 127 fw, MFP M 128 fn, MFP M 128 fp, MFP M 128 fw, MFP M 201 dw, MFP M 201 n, MFP M 225 dn, MFP M 225 dw, MFP M 225 rdn, MFP M 226 dn, MFP M 226 dw, CF283A , 83A

Figure 1


Remove the HP Laser Jet Pro toner cartridge MFP M 225 rdn, MFP M 226 dn, MFP M 226 dw from your printer and place it on the table in front of you (Illustration 1).

Figure 2

Burn with a soldering iron on the in Figure 2 a filling opening. Neatly deburr the filling opening so that the fabric adhesive tape sticks firmly to it after filling. Make sure that no plastic shavings fall into the toner chamber, as these could damage the printing mechanism. Shake out the remaining toner, as the different chemical and physical properties can cause the old and new toner powder to clump together.


Filling the HP CF283A, 83A toner cartridge:

Figure 3

Take the toner bottle and screw a funnel onto it. Shake the toner bottle gently so that the toner powder has better flow properties. Put the toner in the cartridge (Figure 3). When you have filled the cartridge, you have to close the filler opening again. To do this, cut a piece of fabric tape and stick it to the filling opening.

Proceed as follows to replace the toner chip:

Figure 4

Since the HP Laser Jet Per MFP M 225 rdn, MFP M 226 dn, MFP M 226 dw has a toner chip that monitors the toner level, you must replace it after each refill. Take the new toner chip and put it in the same place as the original chip (Illustration 4). If necessary, fix the replacement chip with a drop of hot glue.

By changing the chip, the printer will now recognize your toner cartridge as full. Please always refill toner powder so that your toner cartridge has the full capacity of the page. If you do not do this, the printer may still recognize the cartridge as empty due to a lack of toner powder. In this case the toner chip loses its function. The toner chip can be used once.

After filling it once or twice, it is advisable to empty the waste toner box, otherwise a proper print image cannot be guaranteed.

Safety note for handling refill toner:
Refill toner and toner powder can be harmful to health if improperly handled. We expressly recommend the use of respiratory protection equipment or suction chambers when filling toner cartridges. In addition, toner powder and refill toner can be extremely flammable with an appropriate oxygen mixture. Also, be careful not to touch the photoconductor drum or expose it to direct sunlight. This can lead to incorrect printouts.
Eurotone assumes no responsibility for the success or failure of the procedure described.