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Refill toner (instructions) HP Q7553A, 53A - HP LaserJet Professional P 2000, P 2011, P 2012, P 2013, P 2014, P 2015, HP M 2700, HP M 2727

Refill instructions for HP Laserjet Q7553A, 53A:

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To fill, proceed as follows:
Place the toner cartridge in front of you (as shown in Figure 1). Melt an approx. 8-10 mm hole in the toner cartridge at the point marked below with the aid of a soldering iron. Fill the refill toner into this hole with the help of a funnel (which you will receive with your order). Seal the hole with a piece of tissue tape. The toner cartridge is only full.

 After two or three refills, the photoconductor drum of your toner cartridge may begin to print streaks or a gray film. In this case it is used up. To replace the photoconductor drum / drum, you must disassemble the toner cartridge.

Figure 1

Pour in the powder at the toner filling opening and wear the area with adhesive tape

Then the chip of the toner cartridge has to be changed. This is located on the front of the cartridge (picture below). To do this, carefully pry off the old chip with a small screwdriver. The new reset chip is attached to the toner cartridge in the same position as the old one. Use a small piece of double-sided tape to fix it.

Figure 2

By changing the chip, the printer will now recognize your toner cartridge as full. Please always refill toner powder so that your toner cartridge has the full capacity of the page. If you do not do this, the printer may still recognize the cartridge as empty due to a lack of toner powder. In this case the toner chip loses its function. The toner chip can be used once.

The toner cartridge can now be reinserted into the printer.

Safety note for handling refill toner:
Refill toner and toner powder can be harmful to health if improperly handled. We expressly recommend the use of respiratory protection equipment or suction chambers when filling toner cartridges. In addition, toner powder and refill toner can be extremely flammable with an appropriate oxygen mixture. Also, be careful not to touch the photoconductor drum or expose it to direct sunlight. This can lead to incorrect printouts.
Eurotone assumes no responsibility for the success or failure of the procedure described.