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Refill toner (instructions) Utax CD 1315 / Utax 611310010

Refill instructions for Utax 611310010:

Utax CD 1315

Figure 1

Open the upper cartridge assembly and remove the toner container.

Figure 2

Put the toner container in a bag and shake out the residual toner in it.

Figure 3

Now fill the toner container with refill toner. Now reinstall the toner container.
Place the new cleaning sheet in the fuser. To prevent complications later, check that the new cleaning sheet is correctly positioned and close the top cartridge assembly.
Insert the refilled toner cartridge and remove the seal. Caution: The fuser unit and fuser cleaning sheet can be hot.

Figure 4

Whenever you replace the toner cartridge, also replace or empty the waste toner bottle and fuser cleaning sheet

Safety note for handling refill toner:
Refill toner and toner powder can be harmful to health if improperly handled. We expressly recommend the use of respiratory protection equipment or suction chambers when filling toner cartridges. In addition, toner powder and refill toner can be extremely flammable with an appropriate oxygen mixture. Also, be careful not to touch the photoconductor drum or expose it to direct sunlight. This can lead to incorrect printouts.
Eurotone assumes no responsibility for the success or failure of the procedure described