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Reset Instructions for Brother TN-3390 BK / Black Toner


Your step-by-step guide on how to reset your Brother TN-3390

The Brother TN-3390 toner fits into many Brother printer models and can be reset with no problems. The Brother TN-3390 Toner Reset restarts the toner detection and resets the page counter.

The following instructions should be followed when performing a toner reset on the printer!
  • Choose the right Brother TN-3390 toner reset guide for your printer (MFC devices)
  • Please follow the reset instructions quickly using the printer keyboard so that you do not return to the main menu
  • Note the individual steps in the instructions and do not skip any of the steps
  • Not every Brother printer signals the successful completion with a message ("Accepted" or "Done") after the reset
  • You can use the guide to reset genuine Brother TN-3390 and compatible toners
  • If you have several options, choose your toner (starter toner / standard toner / jumbo XXL toner)
  • With multiple selections you decide on the color of the toner cartridge or reset all CMYK colors. (CMYK stands for: C = cyan, M = magenta, Y = yellow, K = black)



Brother TN-3390 Toner Reset for Brother MFC devices

For a manual toner reset for Brother MFC devices, please proceed exactly as follows

1. Turn on the printer
2. Press the unlock flavor
3. Open the front door
4. Press button 1
5. Choose your toner:
6. 1 as before, 2 for starters, 3 for standard, 4 for high, 5 for super
7. Confirm with "YES"
8. Press "Back" to return to the main menu
9. Close the front door

You have successfully reset the original or compatible Brother TN-3390 toner.