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Buy HP toner cheap at Eurotone

On this page you will find a list of all printers for which we carry HP toner. Please select your printer series first. You can then select your printer model from the device list and you will then be forwarded to our products.

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Buy HP toner inexpensively at Eurotone

Perhaps you own an HP laser printer and are looking for high quality HP toner. In this case you can buy the right toner cartridges for your HP printer here in the Eurotone Shop.

Since the HP brand is one of the oldest hardware manufacturers, the HP toner cartridges are also some of the longest on the market. These consumables have been adapted to the current printer models over the years. However, there are still enough replacement cartridges to be found for the legendary HP laser printer.

To avoid printing failures, it is advisable to stock up on a small supply in good time. At Eurotone you can buy both original cartridges and compatible versions, all of which impress with their impressive print quality. In addition to the tried and tested HP toner cartridges, the shop has many other printer accessories on offer. You can easily order a new imaging drum for your HP laser printer.

What makes the HP toner so special?

The actual laser printing process is very complex. However, it ensures an absolutely smudge-proof expression and is therefore also suitable for outdoor use. In order to meet the requirements, the HP toner has been continuously improved over the years. The robust and reliable cartridges are characterized by a one hundred percent accuracy of fit for the respective laser printer model. Other printer manufacturers also use HP toner in some cases, so these cartridges are also used with laser printers from other manufacturers.

The HP cartridges are equipped with particularly easy-melting toner particles. These ensure a particularly fast connection with the paper or other carrier materials to be printed. It is not unimportant that every HP toner cartridge is matched directly to the size and printing speed of the laser printer. In addition to the correct melting temperature, the most diverse types of paper are supported.

The right toner is the ideal complement to an HP laser printer and ultimately ensures a perfect print result. The fine particles of the toner contain a certain amount of magnetic material. In this way an optimal static charge is guaranteed, which brings every character and every graphic precisely onto the paper.

Basically there are HP toners in the colors

  • Black
  • Magenta
  • Cyan
  • Yellow


The respective color pigments of the color toner cartridges can be mixed very precisely so that any color nuances can be produced from them. Therefore, the various dyes are very fluid and ensure brilliant results even with color photos.

It should be noted that the monochrome laser printers from HP only get by with a black cartridge. This also includes the monochrome multifunction printer. The color laser printer and color multifunction printer require the three aforementioned color toners in addition to the basic color black.

Here at Eurotones you get solid HP toner cartridges that have been developed 100% for your laser printer. You have the choice between original cartridges from HP and our compatible toner cartridges. The latter do not have to hide behind the originals. They offer excellent printing results at affordable prices. Even lightfast color photos in large format can be easily produced with compatible toner.

The interesting thing is that with compatible HP toners you are not taking any chances. Of course, the manufacturer's guarantee for your laser printer remains in effect. In this regard, we can give you a guarantee of up to 2 years on our cartridges. You also enjoy a 14-day right of return.

Similar to many other toner cartridges from other brands, you can buy standard size and XL HP toners from us. As a full printer, you have more options without having to constantly change a new cartridge.

Who is behind HP

Behind the name HP stands the American HP Inc. based in Palo Alto. The company, founded in 1939, is one of the largest PC and printer manufacturers. It is interesting that HP was once the first technology company in famous Silicon Valley. The first inkjet printers for the mass market were produced there as early as 1984, replacing the previous matrix printers.

The American manufacturer currently offers the following printer types:

  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Color laser printer
  • Multifunction laser printer
  • Multifunction inkjet printer
  • High performance inkjet printer
  • Professional printers for large businesses as well
  • Mobile printers with inkjet technology


How is an HP toner cartridge constructed?

Toner cartridges for HP laser printers are quite complex. In contrast to many other manufacturers, HP separates its toner cartridges and the image drum built into the printer. For this reason, both components must be changed separately from each other. Most HP cartridges are traditional rod or rod designs. It is a relatively sturdy plastic housing, the sides of which are designed so that it fits exactly into the slot of the laser printer. This is also where the special features of each individual cartridge lie.

The toner cartridge can be securely fixed in the slot with guide lugs on the side. Inside is the generous toner tank, in which the fine and easily melting toner powder is located. This ensures an excellent printout after fixing. Most cartridges are beveled a little and have to be inserted into the slot at a slight angle. In order to guarantee reliable toner transport at all times, it is transported to the outside by an internal roller.

For this purpose, the HP toner cartridges have small plastic gears on the side. These drive the mixing shaft or the agitator bar, for example. At the same time, this mixing prevents the powder from clumping together in the tank.

Most manufacturers have a similar design. In addition to a magnetic roller, there is a so-called doctor blade. It is a narrow metal rail that has the task of distributing the toner powder evenly on the magnetic roller. Thanks to the electrostatic charge, the HP toner can now be applied to the imaging drum.

HP toner cartridges are particularly compact. If these are used up, they must be exchanged for a new cartridge.

Toner for monochrome laser printers from HP

The monochrome laser printers from HP are among the most reliable office printers. There are different designs here. In addition to small and compact printer models, you will also find large versions with multiple paper trays. These are particularly suitable for larger work groups. A large volume of paper offers the advantage that less paper has to be added for large print jobs.

Here at Eurotones you can order the corresponding black toner cartridges for these monochrome laser printers from HP. As with other printer manufacturers, the respective cartridges can have a certain capacity.

For example, the following models are available:

  • Yield: 2.500 printed pages
  • Yield: 4.000 printed pages
  • Yield: 6.500 printed pages
  • Yield: 10.000 printed pages
  • Yield: 11.000 printed pages
  • Yield: 25.000 printed pages
  • Yield: 41.000 printed pages


While the HP toner cartridges for smaller black and white laser printers with a yield of 2.500 to 10.000 pages have the same housing size, the cartridges for the professional high-performance black and white laser printers are slightly larger. This means that 11.000 to 41.000 printed pages can be produced.

The high print range is not only limited to the originals from HP, but also to the compatible HP toner cartridges that are available here from Eurotone. Overall, it can be said that monochrome laser printers with only one black cartridge generate very low printing costs and are therefore the first choice in companies.

Toner for color laser printers from HP

In some cases, however, color printouts are required. The various color laser printers from HP can be a good alternative and help here. These models require a total of 4 color cartridges, which consist of the colors Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. In terms of structure, the black cartridges do not differ from the colored models. However, in order to guarantee a perfect print image at all times, you should always insert the correct color cartridge in the toner compartment provided. It is essential that you follow the instructions on the sales packaging. There you will find all the important information and of course the color.

You receive the original toner cartridges for your HP color laser printer in typical HP cardboard packaging. These cartridges and the toner powder they contain are precisely tailored to these printers. If you have to print in color frequently, we recommend our compatible toner cartridges for HP printers. You will receive this in an environmentally friendly box.

You don't have to compromise on print quality or yield. You can print as much with compatible cartridges as you can with the originals. If you take a closer look at the printing area of ​​the black and colored cartridges, you will see that the printing ink black has a higher number of pages. This is not uncommon as black is the preferred color for documents. In many offices, documents are only printed in black, while company logos or markings, for example, are less common in business transactions. The business reports with extensive graphics are an exception. Therefore, the cartridge manufacturers offer color toners with a slightly shorter print range.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that only a small amount of color is used for color printouts from each color cartridge. Finally, all other printing inks can be made from the colors cyan, magenta and yellow. Regardless of this, the difference to the black cartridge is usually only slight. For example, while a black cartridge can produce 5.000 printed pages, each color cartridge has an area of ​​4.000 pages, for example.

In general, the color saturation must always be taken into account when determining the range. The manufacturers of toner cartridges assume that a printed page only uses a maximum of 5% toner powder. This average value applies to all printing inks. The only exception is when large-format color photos have to be printed out. Then the entire page is provided with toner powder in many different colors.

With a monochrome laser printer you will only find one place for the black toner cartridge. It looks different with the color models. There is no uniform construction here. Some cartridges are inserted into four predefined openings after opening the printer cover. The openings can be arranged horizontally or diagonally. With other models, a cartridge drawer must be pulled out. The respective replacement cartridges must be inserted one after the other. The advantage is that all compartments are color-coded so that you can quickly find the right toner compartment.

Toner for multifunction laser printers from HP

Multifunction laser printers do their job reliably in many companies. The monochrome multifunctional laser printers, which get by with a large black toner cartridge, are among the most frequently used devices. It's not uncommon for these cartridges to print at least 10.000 pages. The advantage is that with these laser printers you can not only print, but also scan, photocopy and, in many cases, fax. So it is not surprising that there are numerous models in companies that are initially only used as copiers.

Home users are also increasingly turning to these multifunction printers. However, laser printers for home users are different from high-tech models for large businesses. In contrast to the monochrome models, there are of course also colored multifunction laser printers. With these you can not only make color prints, but of course also color copies. These devices are all-rounders and perform a multitude of tasks in a relatively small space. Scans or photocopies can be made with the flatbed scanner above. In many cases, an automatic document feeder should not be missing. The printing mechanism of this color multifunction printer does not differ significantly from that of the pure color laser printer.

Here at Eurotone you will also find the right toner cartridges for all multifunction laser printers. In addition to the original cartridges from HP, we also offer our compatible cartridges at low prices. With a direct price comparison you can reduce your printing costs enormously. Since most multifunction printers are used on a daily basis, it is advisable to have a small supply of replacement cartridges on hand.

What's the quickest way to find the right HP toner here in the shop?

At Eurotone you can buy high quality toner for your HP laser printer. To do this, you have the option of going to the Toner menu item at the top. The central area of ​​the website with the search mask is important. Here you have to enter the manufacturer, serial, model or product number so that the correct cartridges are clearly listed for you. You can find the current printer manufacturers with their brands below the search mask mentioned above. By clicking on one of the labels you will be redirected to the cartridges of this manufacturer.

So you can see that there are many options at Eurotone to find the right HP toner. In general, it is important that you check your operating instructions to find out which consumables are suitable for you before ordering. For this purpose, our articles are usually provided with the article, OEM and EAN number.

What advantages does the compatible toner from Eurotone offer?

The compatible toner for HP printers is offered in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. It goes without saying that the actual toner cartridge is packaged light-tight. Before inserting it, it should be shaken a little and then the sealing strip removed. You will receive 100% custom-fit toner cartridges for your HP laser printer. It is important to know that this is not a refill or rebuilt toner.

Refill toners are used and empty toner cartridges that have been refilled with compatible toner powder. Some of these cartridges show signs of use. They cannot be refilled indefinitely. The counterpart to this is the rebuilt toner. These are also empty and used cartridges that have been filled with compatible toner, but all consumable parts of these cartridges have been replaced. So you can assume that this cartridge has been refreshed with new plastic gears and other components. Since these rebuilt toner cartridges can no longer be sold as originals, the recycling molds have to remove the company logo from the plastic housing. This is usually melted away from the surface of the cartridge by heat.

Multiple printers benefit from low page prices. You will receive your delivery free of charge throughout Germany. Almost all common payment options are available for online orders. These include, for example, PayPal, VISA, prepayment, Klarna, Amazon Pay and invoice. Your order details are SSL-encrypted and therefore safe. If you have any questions about the products or have suggestions, our customer service is available 5 days a week.

What to do with empty HP toner cartridges

Protecting the environment is a top priority at HP. Under the motto HP Planet Partners, the group organizes the reliable take-back of recycling products and their recovery. For example, HP advertises that HP toner cartridges are 100% recycled. It is interesting that this recycling program applies not only to HP toners, but also to Samsung toners.

Private and home office users can fill out and print out a suitable return form via the website of the HP manufacturer. Each pack must not contain more than 4 toner cartridges. You can use this label to send the empty cartridges to the HP Recycling Center free of charge.

HP offers practical collection boxes especially for small and medium-sized companies. At the same time, a free pick-up and recycling service is guaranteed. Large companies also have the option of having larger quantities of toner containers picked up.

HP guarantees that no returned HP toner cartridges will ever land in a landfill. Of course, you can also hand in your empty HP cartridges free of charge at collection points at local recycling centers in your city. Some retailers also accept these cartridges.

Additional printer accessories for your HP laser printer

In addition to the various HP toner cartridges, you can also order the matching HP imaging drums here from Eurotone. There are also different versions here, so you should find out exactly which consumables you need for your printer before ordering.