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Refill toner or refill powder is very popular with end users. To avoid confusion, these toner bottles are color-coded according to the printing color. The term “refill toner” has become widely used, but it is not a reconditioned toner cartridge, but the powder that is in the toner cartridge. The refill toner must be filled into empty toner cartridges. Here at Eurotone.de you will find the right refill toner for your toner cartridge.

What is laser printer refill toner?

Refill toner is available in black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. This is a special toner powder that is offered in robust plastic bottles. The supplier of this container supplies resealable bottles with which an empty toner cartridge can be completely recreated. It is a flowable, easily melting toner powder that is also used by manufacturers to fill original cartridges.

What to look for in refill toner

Laser printer owners understandably need new toner on a regular basis, which can be purchased as printer accessories. With this fine and easily melting toner powder, your printer will achieve a perfect print result. Different toner cartridges are available on the market for every laser printer or multifunction laser printer. Of course, the manufacturers usually recommend their original toner. It should be noted that original cartridges are usually quite expensive and many users would like to reduce printing costs with inexpensive alternatives. One of these alternatives is to fill empty cartridges with refill toner.

What does refill toner cost?

Similar to the inkjet printer with its printer cartridges, there are originals and compatible versions. Again, the original ink cartridges are the most expensive than the third-party models. It is similar with toner powder. However, there are huge price differences here. This should show up on three popular laser printer models:

OKI laser printer

At OKI, an original toner cartridge costs around 90 euros. A compatible version, on the other hand, is available for around 40 euros. You can save even more by using refill toner. Here a bottle costs around 30 euros per printing ink. If you choose refill toner, you should pay attention to the available container size. If the bottle content is only sufficient for a single cartridge, the effort is usually not worth it. A price advantage could only result from larger bottles.

Kyocera FS laser printer

An original cartridge for the FS series costs an average of 80 to 100 euros. It is interesting that a compatible toner cartridge for this printer series only costs around 15 to 20 euros. Here it is of course worthwhile to buy compatible cartridges. The refill toner, which costs an average of 9 euros per printing ink, is even cheaper.

Ricoh laser printer

An original toner cartridge costs around 30 euros on average. A compatible toner cartridge is available for around 25 euros. The price difference is not that big here, but it can still be noticeable with several printers. Refill toner can be just as expensive as an original toner cartridge. Here you should weigh up whether there is a manual refill.

How can you refill toner powder?

First, YOU need to remove the empty toner cartridge from your laser printer. Put plenty of newspaper on your table so you don't stain the table top. Depending on the cartridge model, you have to unscrew the side cover or pry it off with a screwdriver. Under this cover there is usually a filling opening, which is often closed with a rubber stopper. You must also pull this out.

Now insert a small funnel into the filling opening. This is usually included with the purchase of refill toner. Shake the sealed toner powder bottle before opening it. Carefully pour the fine and flowable powder into the cartridge. The cartridge is closed again with the stopper and the assembled cover. Avoid shaking the cartridge as the sealing strip is missing. Shaking a toner cartridge is only recommended when purchasing a new one. The scope of delivery of the refill toner usually also includes a new cartridge chip that controls the fill level. First, use a screwdriver to pry the old chip off the cartridge and insert the new chip in its place. Your printer will then recognize the cartridge as full.

Now put the cartridge back in your printer. You can then continue printing. Note that toner powder is still classified as harmful and should therefore not be inhaled. Refilling is therefore best done outside in the fresh air. Do not vacuum up spilled toner powder. The fine powder is hardly absorbed by the vacuum cleaner filter and is therefore distributed even faster in the air. Please note that an empty toner cartridge cannot be refilled too often. Over time, some components, such as plastic gears, will wear out, and if you replace the cartridge with a new one, you are guaranteed to print properly.

What is the best refill toner?

If you absolutely want to refill your empty cartridges with refill toner yourself, then YOU should already pay attention to a high quality. However, this is usually not that easy. There are numerous forums on the internet that deal with this topic. Some toner shops specialize in first-class refill toners. Note, however, that not only a good refill toner is crucial for a nice print. This also depends on the quality and reliability of the cartridge used. Basically, you should only use refill toner that is actually designed for your laser printer. There are numerous differences within a printer manufacturer's range.

Advantages of buying Eurotone

Refill powder is an inexpensive alternative to buying a whole new toner cartridge. At Eurotone.de you will find the right original or compatible toner powder for your toner cartridge. We guarantee you an excellent print quality of the powder on our compatible refill toner as well as an uncomplicated buying experience at Eurotone.de. By using a compatible product, you don't have to worry about voiding your printer's warranty.

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