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Buy Kodak ink cartridges inexpensively at Eurotone

The American brand Kodak is best known as one of the most important manufacturers of analog photographic equipment. The legendary roll films in particular are still closely associated with the Kodak name.

After the market for film and photo accessories declined sharply, Kodak entered the inkjet printer business in 2007. Many innovative color inkjet printers and multifunctional devices conquered the market and impressed with their first-class print quality and print speed.

Since 2012, however, Kodak has withdrawn from the printer business and only offers mobile and compact photo printers. Still, the legendary Kodak inkjet printers are still in use. If you also have such a device, you can buy the corresponding Kodak printer cartridges here at Eurotone.

How is the Kodak printer cartridge different from other manufacturers?

In the few years of production, Kodak has made a slew of innovative inkjet printers and multifunction devices. For every printer you can buy original printer cartridges as well as compatible Kodak printer cartridges here at Eurotone. These Kodak ink cartridges are precisely matched to the respective printer. It is interesting that all cartridge models are offered here in different housing shapes.

Some Kodak inkjet printers support the individual ink cartridges for black, cyan, magenta, and yellow inks. Some models also require the colors Photo-Cyan and Photo-Magenta. These inks can be used to print excellent color photos in brilliant colors. In this case, all you need to do is replace the empty Kodak Color Cartridge and purchase a new one.

There are also special inkjet printheads for certain Kodak inkjet printers. These are designed in such a way that a print head with print nozzles is integrated instead of the lower ink outlet. These printheads are constructed similarly to the models from HP or Lexmark. There is also a multi-color cartridge in which the printing inks cyan, magenta and yellow are housed in one housing. These Kodak printer cartridges ensure an excellent print image with every change, because here too the printhead is replaced at regular intervals.

Even if these Kodak printheads are a little more expensive compared to the individual cartridges, you always benefit from a brand new printhead. As we all know, this component in inkjet printers is one of the ones that have a limited lifespan. With print cartridges with built-in print nozzles, your Kodak inkjet printer will not show any further wear and tear, so to speak.

Here at Eurotone, in addition to our compatible Kodak printer cartridges, you can also buy original Kodak printer cartridges. These come from Kodak itself as well as from HP. This is because HP makes comparable inkjet printheads, and these are also compatible with some Kodak inkjet printers. Please note that you can significantly reduce your printing costs with our compatible models. Still, you don't have to compromise on print performance or quality. Ultimately, this will give you even better control of the total cost of ownership of your Kodak printers.

There is no risk when you use our Kodak printer cartridges. The manufacturer's guarantee for your printer, insofar as one is still given, remains in effect in any case. You receive a guarantee of up to 2 years on our consumables. Should problems arise, you benefit from a 14-day right of return.

Who is Kodak?

The American Eastman Kodak Company, which was founded in 1892, is behind the Kodak brand. The Rochester-based company was once a leading manufacturer of photographic accessories. Kodak became famous for its legendary roll films and the color slide films of the Kodachrome series. In the course of digitization, however, the end of the film negative was foreseeable. When it came to digital cameras, Kodak was unable to catch up with the major photo makers. Instead, Kodak concentrated on professional photo printing, so that to this day there are vending machines in many shops that can be used to make paper prints of digital photos.

In 2007 Kodak also entered the production of inkjet printers and multifunction devices. Although the devices were state-of-the-art and didn't have to hide behind competing brands, the Kodak name was still associated with film development. Consumers relied primarily on the other well-known printer manufacturers when purchasing printers.

In 2012, Kodak therefore withdrew from the printer business. Regardless of this, there are still many inkjet printers for which there must of course be suitable Kodak ink cartridges. You can find them here at Eurotones order.

The American manufacturer Kodak offered the following printer types:

  • Color inkjet printer
  • Color multifunction inkjet printer
  • Mobile printers using inkjet technology as well
  • Large format roll printer of the LFP series

Black Kodak printer cartridges for inkjet printers

Black is one of the most important printing colors in an inkjet printer. The pigment ink, housed in a sturdy plastic housing, achieves a flow and print quality that is precisely tailored to the Kodak printer. As mentioned earlier, Kodak single ink cartridges are offered that must be inserted into a printhead in the printer, and there are special Kodak printer cartridges with their own print nozzles.

The black Kodak printer cartridges are required for both conventional inkjet printers and multifunction devices. They usually contain a higher level than the color ink cartridges. You will likely print most documents in black.

Depending on the printer and cartridge model, there are, for example, the following print areas:

  • Yield: 425 printed pages
  • Yield: 500 printed pages
  • Yield: 670 printed pages
  • Yield: 930 printed pages
  • Yield: 6.400 printed pages

Kodak ink cartridges for color inkjet printers

With the exception of the Kodak Diconix Mobile Printer series, most Kodak inkjet printers use one or more color cartridges in addition to the Kodak Black cartridge. As already mentioned, there are also different solutions here. In addition to individual ink cartridges for each printing color, Kodak tricolor printer cartridges are also available in which the three basic colors are located in one cartridge housing. These are equipped with integrated print nozzles and are often referred to as Kodak print heads.

Most Kodak color inkjet printers use cyan, magenta, and yellow inks. However, Kodak also offers large format printers that not only have very large ink tanks, but also have other color gradations, such as B. Photo-Magenta or Photo-Cyan. These Kodak color cartridges have a print yield of around 220 pages, while the black cartridge reaches 6.400 pages.

With our compatible Kodak printer cartridges, you can significantly minimize printing costs and possible page prices. The compatible versions do not have to hide behind the originals. You will achieve excellent printing performance and the same yield as the originals. Please also note that the print yield is always based on an ink coverage of 5% per side. Obviously, if you have to produce intense color prints more often, the yield may decrease.

Basically, however, the color printer cartridges for Kodak inkjet printers are designed in such a way that you can easily print brilliant and true-to-color photos with them. The Kodak color printer cartridges mentioned are not only required for pure color inkjet printers, but also for multifunction devices. These even offer you the advantage that you can not only print, but also scan, photocopy and sometimes fax.

What's the quickest way to find the right Kodak printer cartridge here in the shop?

At Eurotone you can buy high quality printer cartridges for your Kodak printer. To do this, you have the option of going to the printer cartridges menu item at the top. The central area of ​​the website with the search mask is important. Here you have to enter the manufacturer, serial, model or product number so that the correct cartridges are clearly listed for you. You can find the current printer manufacturers with their brands below the search mask mentioned above. By clicking on one of the labels you will be redirected to the cartridges of this manufacturer.

So you can see that there are many options at Eurotone to find the right Kodak printer cartridges. In your operating instructions for the Kodak inkjet printer you will usually find the OEM, EAN and article number of the required cartridges. You can find this information next to our articles. This way, bad purchases are avoided. With a few clicks of the mouse you can now add the respective Kodak printer cartridges to the shopping cart and buy them.

What advantages do the compatible printer cartridges from Eurotone offer?

The compatible printer cartridges for Kodak inkjet printers are precisely matched to the respective printer and are extremely compatible. The Kodak printer cartridges are delivered to you in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. Each Kodak ink tank is welded in again and can therefore be stored without any problems. This is very useful if, for example, you want to keep a small supply. This avoids unnecessary print failures due to a lack of ink. Compared to the originals, we do without costly high-gloss packaging or possible blister packaging. Environmental protection is a top priority at Eurotone. All components can therefore be fed into the recycling cycle without any problems.

Our compatible Kodak printer cartridges are cheaper than the originals, so that many printers can calculate their printing costs even better here. When you buy compatible Kodak printer cartridges, you can also minimize the possible price per page. You will receive your order free of charge throughout Germany. The advantage is that your order data is SSL-encrypted and transmitted securely. In addition, you can pay with us using many common payment options. These include PayPal, prepayment, VISA, Klarna, Amazon Pay and on account.

If you have any questions about our products, suggestions or problems, you can contact our customer service 5 days a week. We would also like to recommend our free newsletter. This not only gives you useful printer tips, but also vouchers and special offers. If you no longer need the newsletter, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Expiration date of Kodak printer cartridges

For those who print regularly and a lot, the expiration date of a Kodak printer cartridge does not matter. The ink runs out faster. The expiration date can be important if you plan to stock up on cartridges for a long period of time. Most manufacturers mark their containers with what is known as an expiration date. This states that the item should be used up by a certain date.

Both Kodak and HP mark their cartridges with this date, which is usually found on the inner foil packaging. But you can also assume that our compatible Kodak printer cartridges can be stored for at least 24 months without any loss of quality.

It is important that you always store your Kodak printer cartridges in a dark and cool place. If, for whatever reason, you insert and remove a Kodak printer cartridge from your printer in the meantime, you should wrap the opened ink cartridge in a foil pouch to be on the safe side. Use the cartridge regularly, even if you only print one page. This will prevent the sensitive pressure nozzles from drying out.

It is known that printer ink can dry out when it comes into contact with air. When a used Kodak print cartridge has stopped working, consider replacing it with a new print cartridge. In general, it is recommended that you use printer cartridges until their expiration date. In many cases, however, Kodak printer cartridges last much longer than advertised. However, you should pay attention to proper storage.

What to do with empty Kodak printer cartridges?

Since the protection of the environment is important, empty Kodak printer cartridges should not be disposed of with household waste. They are valuable recycling materials that can be reprocessed into new plastic products. As already mentioned, Kodak printer cartridges are also offered by the renowned printer manufacturer HP. HP has a special recycling program called HP Planet Partners. You can print free shipping labels to return your empty cartridges from the HP website.

There are special collection boxes for corporate customers that are picked up at regular intervals by a shipping company. All consumables such as toner cartridges, drums and printer cartridges are fed into the recycling cycle in this way. There are no additional costs for you as a user or customer. Of course, you can also drop off your empty Kodak printer cartridges at any local recycling center.

You will also find collection boxes there. The cartridges are then also collected there and handed over to a disposal company. Even if printer cartridges look inconspicuous and a bit small at first glance, up to 95% of them can be completely recycled. In some cases, these become refilled ink cartridges. Avoid unnecessary waste and recycle your Kodak printer cartridges.