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Inkjet printers are now among the most popular printers and are not only used at home or in the home office, but also in the office. The most important consumables are of course the right printer cartridges.

These are available in many different designs and sizes. It is important that you always have a sufficient supply of cartridges on hand to avoid unnecessary print failures. It is particularly annoying when you have to print out important documents on the weekend and your inkjet printer asks for new ink cartridges.

What exactly is an ink cartridge?

A printer cartridge is usually a plastic container filled with liquid printer ink. During the printing process, this is placed on the print head in a finely dosed manner, which ultimately ensures a brilliant color printout. There are ink cartridges with and without an integrated printhead. Most ink cartridges have a so-called puncture or a sponge-like exit surface. This supplies the print head with ink.

A pressure equalization system is particularly important. This is achieved through a fine channel system in the form of a labyrinth so that the required air can flow into the container. Without pressure equalization, the ink could not flow again. On delivery, this air outlet is provided with a sticker that must be removed before the first use. This system is designed in such a way that no printer ink can escape from the air duct during operation.

With some ink cartridges, the printhead is also located in the plastic housing. Instead of the term ink cartridge, the term print head is usually used here. The integrated printhead draws its printer ink from a foam sponge filled with ink.

One example are the printheads from the brand manufacturer HP. The color cartridge also contains the three basic colors cyan, magenta and yellow in a plastic container. For every color there is a sponge in that color. These cartridges are relatively large. In addition, the entire cartridge must be replaced if only one ink is used up. On the other hand, these print heads convince with a very high print quality. There is no wear and tear here, as the actual print head with its print nozzles is always replaced with each change.

Every inkjet printer requires its own printer cartridges, which are tailored to the requirements of the printer. This includes the printing speed, the printing technique and also the fluidity of the ink. The ink itself consists of high quality color pigments. It should be noted that although this dries immediately on the paper, unlike a laser printout, it is neither smudge-proof nor waterproof. Yet modern inks are of such high quality that you can use them to print perfect color photos in brilliant quality.

The integrated chip that many ink cartridges carry should not go unmentioned. This microchip has the task of checking the ink level at any time and passing the data on to the printer software. Many manufacturers also use the microchip to differentiate between original and compatible printer cartridges.

These inks are available for inkjet printers

As with laser printers, of course, the black printing ink initially predominates. This is required for document printing or black and white printing. Nowadays there are hardly any inkjet printers that can only print in black. Most printers are designed as color inkjet printers. For this reason, in addition to the black printer cartridges, you will also find the printing inks with us

  • Cyan printer cartridges
  • Magenta printer cartridges
  • Yellow / yellow printer cartridges
With some special photo inkjet printers, however, the corresponding colors are not sufficient for a brilliant color photo. Many of these printers still need a special photo black. Others need even more color gradations, i.e. separate cartridges in the colors
  • Cyan light,
  • Magenta light,
  • Gray,
  • Photo cyan,
  • Photo magenta,
  • Rot,
  • Green,
  • Blue and
  • Orange
are available. In order to refine color photos and make them lightfast for a long time, there are also printers that finally seal the surface with a clear varnish color.


This is what the ink for inkjet printers consists of

The printer ink for an inkjet printer is a valuable liquid that is often sold at a very high price. In the course of time, the various inks have been continuously developed and improved. Here you will find the essential components of printer ink in printer cartridges.


The pigment color

The color consists of special pigments. For the four-color printing of the CMYK color model, these are formed from the colors black, cyan, magenta and yellow. The letter C stands for cyan, M for magenta, Y for yellow and K for key, which stands for deep black. All colors of the color wheel can be represented by color mixing.


The binders

Another additive is added to the printing ink so that the colored print image remains permanently on the carrier material.


Other auxiliary materials

The ink manufacturers' secret receptors are very diverse. For example, special additives are added to the printing ink to ensure a particularly fast drying time. Special ingredients can also ensure a shiny surface. But surface sealing is also possible, so that the dried ink is extremely durable.


How does the ink get onto the paper?

It is interesting that inkjet printers actually belong to the matrix printers. Tiny ink droplets are ejected via the printhead and deflected in a targeted manner, so that the text is created. These printers are also known as non-impact printers. There is no contact between the printhead and the paper surface.


With the so-called drop-on-demand printing technology, individual drops of ink are ejected from the printhead nozzle. As previously mentioned, the printhead refers to its printing ink from an ink cartridge that piggybacks on the printhead. After turning on your inkjet printer and inserting paper into the paper tray, the printer is ready to print.


For example, start printing a document using your word processing program so that the printer driver of your printer takes over control and printing. The printer knows in advance which printed characters will be created and when. It shoots tiny droplets of ink at the paper that move from the left side of the paper to the right side. In order to achieve a higher print resolution, the printhead often has to move over the same pressure point.


Since the printer ink in the printer cartridge is still damp before it is shot onto the paper, it can mix with other colors and thus ensure a colored printout. Today's inkjet printers use high-quality pigment inks that dry particularly quickly and efficiently on paper. With the first models, the paper must remain in the paper exit so that it can then dry. The following briefly describes how the ink from the printer cartridge gets onto the paper.


The different printing methods of the drop-on-demand technology

In the case of inkjet printers in this category, a distinction is made between bubble jet and piezo printers.


Bubble jet printing process

The ink in the ink cartridge reaches the print head of the inkjet printer in liquid form. A bubble jet printer heats the ink so that a small vapor bubble forms. The ink contains some water or a solvent. The steam bubble explodes and hurls the color pigments onto the paper.


On Canon inkjet printers, the heating element is at right angles to the print nozzle. Lexmark and HP use very flat two-plate nozzle elements. The plate facing the paper side has a small opening. The vapor bubble forms between the plates and the color is then transferred to the paper through the opening. This technique is also known as a side shooter.


Piezo printing process

Piezo inkjet printers use a piezoelectric effect to bring the ink drop from the printer cartridge through a fine nozzle onto the paper. The ink droplets can be controlled via the electrically applied impulse and thus brought onto the paper in a targeted manner. The printer manufacturer Epson uses this type of printing technology.


The machine conditions during the printing process

An inkjet printer is a line printer and, unlike a laser printer, cannot print one page at a time. Most inkjet printers therefore have a movably mounted printhead that sits on a guide rail. The print head moves on this rail from left to right, is positioned again on the left side without printing and then starts printing again from left to right.


The head is moved with the help of a toothed belt and a stepper motor. At the same time, however, the paper must also be pushed past the print head line by line. Only in this way can a page be printed correctly from start to finish. The paper is also moved by a stepper motor. Rubber rollers ensure the right feed here.


But there are also modern Memjet inkjet printers. This is a mix of inkjet and page printers. You have a printhead that is just as wide as the paper to be printed on. Many small pressure nozzles are arranged side by side. The print line is created in just one pass.


But here too, of course, the paper has to be advanced line by line. However, this printing technology is so fast that it doesn't have to hide behind the laser printer. A print speed of 60 pages per minute is not uncommon.


What are inkjet printers with an ink tank?

Inkjet printers are relatively new: Instead of individual printer cartridges, they have an integrated ink tank for each printing color. These containers are attached to the side of the printer and usually have a small viewing window that provides information on the fill level. Many manufacturers advertise with a very high print range of up to a year.


Instead of ink cartridges, you will need separate ink bottles in this case. These can be used to refill the ink tanks. Understandably, these printers are suitable for multiple printers that have to reckon with a high volume of printing. Both the total printing costs and the page prices can be minimized in this way. You can also find the right refill sets and ink bottles for this ink tank printer here at Eurotone.de.


What to do with empty ink cartridges

Unfortunately, empty ink cartridges are still disposed of with household waste. However, this does not have to be the case for environmental reasons. Many manufacturers have set up a take-back system that not only gilds empty toner cartridges, but also ink cartridges.


It should be noted that pigment inks and their additives are harmful to the environment. For this reason, orderly disposal is important. In many specialist shops there are collection containers for empty printer cartridges. But the manufacturers themselves also offer free return of these cartridges. In the meantime, the dealers are also obliged to take back these ink cartridges. Some providers even reimburse the return. You make an important contribution to the environment.


This is what you should pay attention to when buying an inkjet printer

If you want to buy fresh printer cartridges for your inkjet printer, then they must be suitable for your printer. To find out which types you can use, refer to the instruction manual for your printer. Here, too, there are normal standard cartridges and so-called XL versions. With some printers you can also use thicker XL printer cartridges instead of a narrow standard printer cartridge. The printhead offers a special receptacle.


Here at Eurotone you can use the professional search if you know the exact designation of your printer cartridges. Otherwise, these are also very easy to find via the middle input mask. Here you have to select the printer manufacturer, the series and then the model. You will also find the labels you are looking for from the most important printer manufacturers below. From there you can also get to the desired pages with the right ink cartridges and place them in the shopping cart and buy them cheaply.


If you landed on the applicable article page, then you will find a scaled down image of your printer. You can rely on it and know that the right printer is offered for the ink tanks, printheads and printer cartridges. For each ink cartridge, we not only supply you with the respective printing color, but also the printing range and the possible page prices. The article number and the EAN number are interesting. You can also find this information in your printer manual. Bad purchases can be avoided in any case.


These advantages offer you printer cartridges from Eurotone

Here in the shop you can buy original printer cartridges as well as compatible printer cartridges. These are precisely tailored to your inkjet printer. This enables you to achieve excellent print quality at low prices and in comparison to the originals. You can buy the respective ink cartridges and refill bottles for almost all common printer types from us.


When buying original or compatible printer cartridges, you are completely risk-free at Eurotone and you will experience an uncomplicated purchase. The order is free of charge throughout Germany.


What is the best way to store printer cartridges?

If you have a small supply of printer cartridges, these should also be stored properly. This is the only way you can use them later without any loss of quality. Make sure the temperature is constant. It is best to store printer cartridges in a dark and slightly cool room.


Be sure to leave the cartridges in their packaging. The small foil pouches with which the ink cartridges are supplied offer good protection against drying out. This outer packaging can later be disposed of in the yellow recycling bins, while the cardboard boxes end up in the waste paper container.


Large temperature fluctuations can affect the pigment ink and the ingredients of the pigment ink. A temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius is ideal. If you have used a particular ink in your printer and are temporarily not using it, you should seal the used ink cartridge in an airtight bag. Still, use it regularly to make a few test prints. This will prevent the ink from drying out. Read what to do if the print cartridge is dry.


What are the advantages of compatible printer cartridges?

If YOU want to accurately calculate your printing costs and reduce your total cost of ownership, consider purchasing compatible ink cartridges. These are cheaper than original cartridges. Whenever you make no compromises when it comes to print range and print quality. Particularly when using a multifunction inkjet printer that includes printing and scanning, photocopying, and faxing, more ink is automatically consumed.


In some companies, modern multifunctional devices are mainly used as copiers. You can save a lot of money with compatible printer cartridges from Eurotone. We also guarantee excellent print quality on these compatible printer cartridges.


Are there also printer cartridges for large format or roll paper printers?

Here at Eurotone you not only get the right printer cartridges for the well-known office inkjet printer, but also for large format printers. One example is Canon's imagePROGRAF series. This is a large format printer that runs on roll paper.


Agencies and architectural offices like to use this printer to print out CAD and architect drawings as well as large color posters. These printers usually require more than the four basic colors. You can also order the appropriate printer cartridges for this special printer from Eurotone.