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Buy Panasonic drums at low prices at Eurotone

On this page you will find a list of all printers for which we carry Panasonic drums. Please select your printer series first. You can then select your printer model from the device list and you will then be forwarded to our products.

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Panasonic drums for your laser printer

The Japanese multimedia manufacturer Panasonic has brought many innovative laser printers, multifunctional devices and fax machines onto the market. Although the production of this division has meanwhile been discontinued, these printers are still in use in many companies and also by private users.

If you also print with a Panasonic laser printer and need a Panasonic imaging drum, then we at Eurotone are there for you. You can buy Panasonic photo drums from us at affordable prices.

The Panasonic drums

Panasonic image drums are required by various laser printers and laser fax machines. These are robust plastic housings in the middle of which the light-sensitive and coated image drum is located. The housing has appropriate cutouts so that these components can be safely inserted into the printer. There is also a drive on one side, as the drum is movably mounted and can be moved via the printer control. Panasonic drums are equipped with a counter that informs the user that a new imaging drum must be inserted after the maximum printing range has been reached.

The printing principle of Panasonic laser printers does not differ significantly from that of other brand manufacturers. The drum itself consists of a solid aluminum tube that is provided with a photoconductive coating. The surface is electrostatically charged with the help of a charging corona. The print image is projected negatively onto the image drum via a laser or a powerful LED. All unprintable areas are deleted. If the image drum is rotated further, it comes into contact with the toner cartridge. Since the fine and easily meltable toner powder is slightly magnetic, it adheres to the surface of the image drum. The print image is then transferred to the printing paper via the transfer unit. The toner is not fully bonded to the paper. This is done by supplying heat with the help of the fuser unit. The toner powder melts on the printing paper and remains there permanently and smudge-proof. The excess toner on the photoconductor is fed directly into the waste toner container via a scraper.

The Panasonic imaging drum is then ready for another print page. Note that while the imaging drum is designed to last, it is also very sensitive to light. If you want to install the Panasonic imaging drum you bought here into your printer, you should do so quickly. Daylight can seriously affect the quality of the surface coating on an imaging drum. In addition to rectangular housing shapes, there are also picture drums with rounded shapes. These are designed to fit exactly into the matching Panasonic laser printer.

What advantages do the compatible Panasonic drums from Eurotone offer?

Here at Eurotone you can get a variety of useful printer accessories for your Panasonic laser printer. In addition to the original parts, you will also find compatible versions here. The originals will be offered to you by Panasonic itself. However, if you have to print large quantities frequently, then you should fall back on our affordable compatible drums. The compatible Panasonic drums are 100% identical to the originals and also ensure brilliant print quality.

The use of compatible products also does not affect the manufacturer's warranty for the printer in any way. You receive a guarantee of up to 2 years on our printer accessories. In addition, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Panasonic drums, for example. The biggest benefit, however, is the huge savings. You minimize your printing costs and also the possible page prices.

The pressure range of the Panasonic drums

It is important to note that imaging drums do not contain toner. They are designed for different ranges and last much longer than the toner cartridges. The following pressure ranges are offered to you:
  • Reach 6.000 pages and
  • Reach 10.000 pages
It should be noted that the range always refers to a maximum ink coverage of 5% per printed page. Even if this process is primarily relevant for toner cartridges, Panasonic drums are of course also subject to wear and tear. Panasonic drums belong to the group of semi-permanent image drums. They are designed for a maximum yield of 20.000 pages before they have to be replaced.

What's the quickest way to find the right Panasonic drum here in the shop?

At Eurotone you can buy high quality drums for your Panasonic printer. To do this, you have the option of going to the Image drum menu item at the top. The central area of ​​the website with the search mask is important. Here you have to enter the manufacturer, serial, model or product number so that the correct drums are clearly listed for you. You can find the current printer manufacturers with their brands below the search mask mentioned above. By clicking on one of the labels you will be redirected to the manufacturer's drums. So you can see that there are many options at Eurotone to find the right Panasonic imaging drum. In general, it is important that you check your operating instructions to find out which consumables are suitable for you before ordering. For this purpose, our articles are usually provided with the article, OEM and EAN number.

Who is Panasonic?

Japanese Panasonic Corporation is a world-renowned electronics company mainly specializing in consumer electronics and home appliances. Interestingly, its products are also sold under the Technics brand name. Founded in 1918 and based in Kadoma, the company originally manufactured lamp holders. Today you can get world-class 4K flat screen TVs, digital cameras, hi-fi systems, air conditioning, electric shavers and vacuum cleaners from Panasonic. In cooperation with the American electric car manufacturer Tesla, Panasonic offers high-performance lithium-ion batteries.

The laser printers, multifunctional and fax machines from Panasonic should not go unmentioned. These were offered on the market until around 2010 and were characterized by a stylish design and good workmanship. You can order the right consumables for these long-life laser printers here from Eurotone.

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