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Buy Samsung toner cheap at Eurotone

On this page you will find a list of all printers for which we carry Samsung toners. Please select your printer series first. You can then select your printer model from the device list and you will then be forwarded to our products.

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Buy Samsung toner cheap at Eurotone

Samsung laser printers are particularly popular in the commercial sector. The label has specialized exclusively in laser printing technology and accordingly offers a wide range of reliable devices. Perhaps you also have a Samsung laser printer at home or in the office and need the right toner cartridges for it.

As with any other printer manufacturer, Samsung offers monochrome and color laser printers. Samsung also offers professional multifunction printers. Of course, the usability of a Samsung laser printer also depends on the availability of the right consumables. Here at Eurotone you can order the right Samsung toner for your Samsung laser printer, either original or compatible, at a low price. It is important to get replacement cartridges in good time.

Practical examples have shown that a fresh toner cartridge is usually needed when a replacement is not available. Many printers fail, especially on weekends, because there is no Samsung toner available. In addition to the corresponding toner cartridges, you can also order other consumables, such as the appropriate Samsung drum, from Eurotone.

What makes the Samsung toner so special?

A wide variety of different toners are available for use in Samsung laser printers. In addition to relatively narrow cartridges, you will also find the traditional models in bolt format.

Samsung toners achieve a high print quality and ensure smudge-proof printouts. You can also create images and documents for outdoor use. The toner cartridges are precisely matched to the respective printer model. Thanks to the special construction of the housing, they fit 100% into the respective container.

For example, if you are interested in the original cartridges here in the shop, you will find that they are marked with the HP label rather than the Samsung label. The reason for this is that Samsung's printer division has been part of the American HP Inc. since 2017. For this reason, HP has taken over both the printer service and the production of the consumables. Similar to the HP toner cartridges, you will find toner that melts easily in the toner tank. These particles are designed in such a way that an optimal connection with the paper or other carrier material is guaranteed.

The Samsung toner is always precisely matched to the respective laser printer. The appropriate melting temperature is achieved for all print media. This leads to an optimal print result that is suitable for both private and business use. The toner particles have a small amount of magnetic particles, so that the toner can be statically charged in this way. Only in this way can the toner be transferred to the image drum and ultimately ensure that the desired print image is precisely transferred onto the paper.

Depending on the printer model and printing mechanism, the following printing inks are available:

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow

Comparable to the HP toner, the Samsung toner is also particularly fluid. This ensures that, for example, different color pigments can be mixed well with one another. Almost all colors of the color wheel can be represented from the three basic colors and the color black. This means that color laser printers can easily produce brilliant photos and graphics. If you own a Samsung monochrome laser printer, all you need is the black toner cartridge. Monochrome multifunctional laser printers also get by with this cartridge. The three basic colors mentioned are also required for color laser printers and color multifunctional devices.

At Eurotone you can buy high-quality Samsung toner cartridges that are precisely matched to your laser printer. Basically you have the choice between the original cartridges, which are interestingly marked with HP, and the compatible toner cartridges. Even if the compatible models only cost a fraction of the originals, they don't have to hide behind them. You will achieve a perfect print result with brilliant colors that are extremely lightfast.

In general, you can lower your printing costs even better with our compatible Samsung toner cartridges. With the purchase of our compatible cartridges you do not take any risks. The manufacturer's guarantee for your laser printer also remains in effect. In addition, we give you a guarantee of up to 2 years on our toners. If you are not convinced by our cartridges, you can enjoy the benefit of a 14-day right of return.

It should not go unmentioned that in addition to the standard sizes there are also XL cartridges that have an even higher capacity. This allows the range to be expanded enormously without much additional effort. This in turn leads to lower printing costs.

Who is behind Samsung?

When you hear the name Samsung, of course, you think first and foremost of the well-known smartphones or household appliances. But the South Korean company based in Seoul has been known as a computer manufacturer since 1982. The conglomerate enjoys a high reputation in South Korea and is one of the largest employers. The well-known Samsung laser printers were also part of the product range until 2017. Samsung did not manufacture inkjet printers. Samsung's printer division has been part of the American HP Inc. since 2017 and will be continued there. So there are still laser printers that carry the Samsung label.

So far, the group has offered the following printer types:

  • Monochrome laser printer
  • Color laser printer
  • Multifunction laser printer
  • Professional printers for large businesses as well
  • Photocopier with laser printing technology

How is a Samsung toner cartridge constructed?

Toner cartridges for Samsung laser printers have a high-quality plastic housing. This is based on the dimensions of the installation slot in the printer. As with HP, the imaging drum and toner are installed separately in the laser printer. Both components can therefore be changed independently of one another. It should be noted that an image drum usually lasts much longer than a toner cartridge. There are a variety of designs in flat or elongated designs. Lateral plastic guides ensure a perfect fit in the printer. The heart of the device is a sufficiently large toner tank that contains a sufficient amount of light-melting toner particles.

Depending on the Samsung laser printer, the cartridges must be inserted into the toner slot at a slight angle. The powder is conveyed to the outside via a small roller and thus reaches the imaging drum. Small gears on the side ensure that the toner is safely transported via an internal distributor. This mixing wave, the so-called agitator bar, prevents the toner from clumping and ultimately ensures uniform color saturation. To ensure that the toner is statically charged, there is also a small magnetic roller inside the cartridge. The doctor blade, a narrow metal rod, distributes the toner particularly evenly. In this way, the distributed toner later gets onto the image drum.

Samsung toner achieves a sufficiently high print range. The corresponding cartridges can be easily exchanged after use and should be properly recycled.

Toner for Samsung monochrome laser printers

Samsung monochrome laser printers do their job reliably in many companies. They are available in different versions that differ in terms of both printing speed and paper volume. Many models are equipped with several paper trays for this purpose, so that workgroups in particular rarely have to refill paper.

For these Samsung laser printers you will find the matching black toner cartridges at Eurotone. You can choose between the originals from HP and our compatible models. Depending on the print jobs to be processed, you can also use cartridges with different capacities. For example, you can choose from the following toner cartridges:

  • Yield: 1.500 printed pages
  • Yield: 2.500 printed pages
  • Yield: 3.000 printed pages
  • Yield: 5.000 printed pages
  • Yield: 8.000 printed pages
  • Yield: 10.000 printed pages or
  • Yield: 20.000 printed pages

It is interesting that the dimensions of many toner cartridges do not change despite the larger capacity. A general distinction is made between normal and XL toner cartridges. The same size has the advantage that you can decide in advance whether you want more toner content as a multi-printer or not. Even if the models with more toner powder are a bit more expensive, this has a positive effect on the total printing costs.

We would also like to point out that our compatible Samsung toner cartridges are often offered with more content than the original cartridges. That in turn minimizes the printing costs enormously. You will not notice a difference in the print quality.

Toner for color laser printers from Samsung

Color printing is sometimes needed in both private and professional life. With a Samsung color laser printer, for example, colored company logos can be inserted into documents. But business reports can also be decorated with color graphics. With Samsung color laser printers with high print resolution, you can even print photos with brilliant light and color fastness. Instead of a single black cartridge, these printers also need the cartridges for the cyan, magenta and yellow printing inks.

Basically, the different color toners do not differ from the black cartridge in terms of housing shape and dimensions. It is only important that you always use the correct printing ink in the appropriate toner compartment. Otherwise there may be unsightly color mixing. For this purpose, the printing color is always indicated on the respective color cartridge.

Samsung toner cartridges are offered either in the original Samsung cardboard packaging or in the new HP cardboard packaging. Our compatible models, on the other hand, come in environmentally friendly packaging that can be easily disposed of with paper waste. To be on the safe side, each cartridge is once again packed light-tight. A sealing strip must be removed before installation. This is the only way to transfer the fine toner powder from the cartridge to the image drum.

In a direct comparison between the black toner cartridge and the colored models, it is noticeable that the print range is often longer with black than with color cartridges. This is understandable, since documents are usually printed in black and white most often. In normal correspondence and business correspondence, only a few colored elements actually need to be printed. It looks different, of course, if a lot of photos and colored graphics are to be printed. Nevertheless, the manufacturers have paid attention to a balance, so that overall you can make a sufficient number of prints in black and white or in color.

It should also be borne in mind that only small quantities of each of the three basic colors are required for color printing. All other colors on the color wheel can only be achieved by clever mixing. A closer look at our listed printer inks shows, for example, that the black toner cartridge has a range of 5.000 pages, while the color cartridges each have a range of up to 4.000 pages.

Incidentally, the print range is a guideline and depends on the frequency and color saturation. Most manufacturers assume a maximum ink coverage of 5% per printed page with this information. Of course, the values ​​can change if you e.g. B. mainly want to print color photos. The highest toner consumption is achieved if you e.g. For example, print a document page with white text on a black background. With monochrome laser printers, you only need to insert one cartridge into the printer from the side.

There are various installation options for color laser printers. Either all the cartridges sit one behind the other in a pull-out toner drawer, or the color cartridges have to be inserted one above the other in the printer. It is interesting that the color cartridges in newer Samsung color laser printers are relatively flat due to the compact housing dimensions. These are inserted close to each other in the existing slots. Since both the cartridges and the slots are color-coded, changing them is relatively easy.

Toner for multifunction laser printers from Samsung

The general trend is towards multifunction laser printers. They are just as popular as the multifunction inkjet printers. These devices allow you to print, scan, photocopy and, in many cases, fax. Monochrome multifunction devices are often used in companies. Among other things, they also serve as photocopiers that are used by an entire department. The black Samsung toners used in these devices have a high print yield of at least 10.000 pages or more. These Samsung devices use a folding flatbed scanner and an automatic document feeder for photocopying.

Color multifunction laser printers have also become affordable. In addition to the black cartridge, these all-rounders also need the above-mentioned color cartridges. Although these printers are optically somewhat larger, the laser printer hardly differs from the normal color laser printers from Samsung. You can buy suitable toner cartridges for both monochrome and color multifunction printers here at Eurotone.

At this point we would like to draw your attention once again to our compatible cartridges for Samsung printers, because with these you can really save printing costs. So it pays to get a small supply of cartridges to avoid unnecessary print failures.

What is the fastest way to find the right Samsung toner here in the shop?

At Eurotone you can buy high quality toner for your Samsung laser printer. To do this, you have the option of going to the Toner menu item at the top. The central area of ​​the website with the search mask is important. Here you have to enter the manufacturer, serial, model or product number so that the correct cartridges are clearly listed for you. You can find the current printer manufacturers with their brands below the search mask mentioned above. By clicking on one of the labels you will be redirected to the cartridges of this manufacturer.

So you can see that there are many ways to find the right Samsung toner at Eurotone. In general, it is important that you check your operating instructions to find out which consumables are suitable for you before ordering. For this purpose, our articles are usually provided with the article, OEM and EAN number.

What advantages does the compatible toner from Eurotone offer?

The compatible toner for Samsung printers is offered in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. It goes without saying that the actual toner cartridge is packaged light-tight. Before inserting it, it should be shaken a little and then the sealing strip removed. You will receive 100% custom-fit toner cartridges for your Samsung laser printer. It is important to know that this is not a refill or rebuilt toner.

Refill toners are used and empty toner cartridges that have been refilled with compatible toner powder. Some of these cartridges show signs of use. They cannot be refilled indefinitely. The counterpart to this is the rebuilt toner. These are also empty and used cartridges that have been filled with compatible toner, but all consumable parts of these cartridges have been replaced. So you can assume that this cartridge has been refreshed with new plastic gears and other components. Since these rebuilt toner cartridges can no longer be sold as originals, the recycling molds have to remove the company logo from the plastic housing. This is usually melted away from the surface of the cartridge by heat.

Multiple printers benefit from low page prices. You will receive your delivery free of charge throughout Germany. Almost all common payment options are available for online orders. These include, for example, PayPal, VISA, prepayment, Klarna, Amazon Pay and invoice. Your order details are SSL-encrypted and therefore safe. If you have any questions about the products or have suggestions, our customer service is available 5 days a week.

What to do with empty Samsung toner cartridges

Samsung toner is now made by HP. For this reason, you can also use HP's return service for your Samsung toner cartridges. Here the HP Planet Partners Service comes into play again. This can be used to collect recycling products and then properly recycle them. In general, toner cartridges can be 100% recycled. As already mentioned, used Samsung cartridges can also be recycled.

Home office users and private individuals can conveniently fill out and print out a return form on the HP website. Up to four toner cartridges can be sent in one package. The label guarantees free shipping. The empty cartridges finally end up in the HP recycling center. For smaller companies, HP offers its collection boxes that are picked up at regular intervals. This recycling service is also offered free of charge. For large companies there are special agreements to collect larger quantities of empty toner cartridges. In addition to HP's take-back system, many local retailers and recycling centers also accept empty cartridges.

Additional printer accessories for your Samsung printer

In addition to the various toner cartridges from Samsung, you can also order the matching Samsung image drums or ink cartridges here at Eurotone. There are also different versions here, so you should find out exactly which consumables you need for your printer before ordering.