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Buy Olivetti toner cheap at Eurotone

On this page you will find a list of all printers for which we carry Olivetti. Please select your printer series first. You can then select your printer model from the device list and you will then be forwarded to our products.

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Buy Olivetti toner inexpensively at Eurotone

The traditional Italian brand Olivetti has brought many high-performance laser printing systems onto the market. Above all, the stylish office laser printers stand out, many of which have even won a design award. Even if the older models are no longer available in stores, they are still used in many companies and also by private individuals.

In addition, Olivetti has continuously developed its laser printers and multifunction devices. If you have such a printer and need toner for printing, you can buy it cheaply here at Eurotone. Olivetti toner cartridges come in many different designs.

What makes the Olivetti toner so special?

Every Olivetti laser printer requires toner cartridges that are precisely tailored to it. For example, some models use bottle-shaped plastic containers made from semi-transparent plastic. Here you can even see the fill level from the outside. These containers are closed with a colored plastic stopper and are simply inserted into the round toner compartment of the Olivetti printer.

Other cartridges are round and are offered with special housing cutouts. These fit 100% on your printer model. The shape is designed so that the cartridge sits securely in the slot and cannot slip. These cartridges are equipped with an integrated mixing shaft so that the fine and easily melting toner powder does not clump together. However, you should not forget to shake the cartridge vigorously before inserting it. In addition to the aforementioned cartridges, there are also very flat, rectangular models, some of which have a shorter range. Here you will also find models for the basic colors:

  • Black
  • Cyan
  • Magenta
  • Yellow

Some of these rectangular cartridges are particularly bulky and can print up to 11.000 pages. The compact, tubular toner cartridges are also interesting. Although they only have a range of around 1.800 pages, they offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Olivetti print ranges

  • 1.800 printed pages, type: tubular cartridge
  • 2.000 printed pages, type: tubular cartridge
  • 4.000 printed pages, type: rectangular, flat cartridge
  • 5.000 printed pages, type: rectangular cartridge
  • 6.000 printed pages, type: rectangular cartridge
  • 7.200 printed pages, type: rectangular cartridge
  • 10.000 printed pages, type: rectangular cartridge
  • 11.000 printed pages, type: thick, rectangular cartridge
  • 21.420 printed pages, type: bottle-shaped container
  • 30.000 printed pages, type: bottle-shaped container
  • 34.000 printed pages, type: rectangular cartridge

The printers with cartridges for higher print ranges are mostly multifunctional devices. Here Olivetti can present you innovative solutions with optional finishing modules. For example, sorters, staplers, and punches are often available as modules in the output bin.

What advantages does the compatible toner from Eurotone offer?

The compatible toner for Olivetti printers is offered in environmentally friendly cardboard packaging. It goes without saying that the actual toner cartridge is packaged light-tight. Before inserting it, shake it a little and then remove the sealing strip. You will receive 100% custom-fit toner cartridges for your Olivetti laser printer. It is important to know that this is not a refill or rebuilt toner.

Refill toners are used and empty toner cartridges that have been refilled with compatible toner powder. Some of these cartridges show signs of use. They cannot be refilled indefinitely. The counterpart to this is the rebuilt toner. These are also empty and used cartridges that have been filled with compatible toner, but all consumable parts of these cartridges have been replaced. So you can assume that this cartridge has been refreshed with new plastic gears and other components. Since these rebuilt toner cartridges can no longer be sold as originals, the recycling molds have to remove the company logo from the plastic housing. This is usually melted away from the surface of the cartridge by heat.

The compatible toner cartridges for Olivetti printers are 100% correct. Even the manufacturer's warranty is not affected by its use. In addition, you not only benefit from a guarantee of up to 2 years, but also from a 14-day money-back guarantee. Either way, you don't have to compromise on print range or print quality.

Multiple printers benefit from low page prices. You will receive your delivery free of charge throughout Germany. Almost all common payment options are available for online orders. These include, for example, PayPal, VISA, prepayment, Klarna, Amazon Pay and invoice. Your order details are SSL-encrypted and therefore safe. If you have any questions about the products or have suggestions, our customer service is available 5 days a week.

What's the quickest way to find the right Olivetti toner here in the shop?

At Eurotone you can buy high quality toner for your Olivetti laser printer. To do this, you have the option of going to the Toner menu item at the top. The central area of ​​the website with the search mask is important. Here you have to enter the manufacturer, serial, model or product number so that the correct cartridges are clearly listed for you. You can find the current printer manufacturers with their brands below the search mask mentioned above. By clicking on one of the labels you will be redirected to the cartridges of this manufacturer.

So you can see that there are many ways to find the right Olivetti toner at Eurotone. In general, it is important that you check your operating instructions to find out which consumables are suitable for you before ordering. For this purpose, our articles are usually provided with the article, OEM and EAN number.

Who is Olivetti?

Behind the Olivetti label is the Italian Olivetti SpA, headquartered in Ivrea. Founded in 1908, the company is now widely known as an information technology group. Olivetti became known in the early years for its high-quality mechanical typewriters. The most elegant office machines and computers are among the company's specialties. In comparison to many other manufacturers, Olivetti has received numerous design awards in this regard.

In addition to traditional writing systems, Olivetti has also developed numerous printers. These include shapely laser printers and photocopiers. Even if many of these devices are no longer manufactured today or are being replaced by successors, these printers can still be found in numerous offices.