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Refill toner (instructions) Brother TN 2010, HL2135W, HL2135, HL2132, HL2130R, HL2130, HL2132R, DCP7055W, DCP7055, DCP7057, compatible with TN-2010


Preparation for filling the toner cartridge Brother TN 2010, HL2135W, HL2135, HL2132, HL2130R, HL2130, HL2132R, DCP7055W, DCP7055, DCP7057, compatible with TN-2010

Take out the toner cartridge HL2135W, HL2135, HL2132, HL2130R from your printer and place it on the table in front of you. The sealing plug is shown in Figure 1 (Figure 1). Carefully pull it out. To do this, take a small spatula and try to loosen the sealing plug with small lever movements; or you can take a pair of pliers and pull out the plug.

Figure 1

When you have removed the sealing plug, set it aside for the time being; this is required again after filling. Before you fill in the new toner powder, you have to shake out the remaining toner powder in the cartridge. To do this, take a tight plastic bag and shake the toner cartridge HL2135W, HL2135 in it. Due to the different physical properties, the new and old toner powder can clump together. Therefore, you should always remove the remaining toner powder.

Filling the toner cartridge Brother HL-2010, HL2135W, HL2135:
Take the bottle with the refill toner and screw the filling funnel onto it. This funnel makes it easier for you to refill the toner powder through more precise dosing (Figure 2). When you have filled in the toner powder, you can replace the sealing plug.

Figure 2

IMPORTANT: The cartridge must be absolutely tight. Check the cartridge for leaks by tapping lightly on a piece of white paper. No toner should trickle out of the laser cartridge.

After you have filled the toner cartridge, you still have to reset or install the reset lever. The reset lever is a mechanical device used to check the toner level. It is firmly connected to the mechanism in the toner cartridge and runs with every printing process.

To reset the reset lever, proceed as follows:

Loosen the two marked screws on the side cover (Figure 3). Remove the side cover of the toner cartridge. Now take the small spring and place it on the quick-release axle as shown in Figure 4. Make sure that the spring hooks into the plastic lugs provided at both ends. Then look at the gear to the left of the little spring. There is a small bump on the gear. This elevation must point to the bottom right (using the example of a clock: four o'clock). To do this, simply turn the gear wheel by hand into the appropriate position (Figure 4). You may have to take the gear wheel off to the left and then put it back on.
Now you can put the reset lever on it.

Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5

Insert the reset lever as shown in Figure 5. The reset lever sits a little loosely on the quick-release axle. You can move it a few millimeters left and right. It has to be like this; don't let this unsettle you. If the reset lever has already been installed, you only need to insert it as shown in Figure 5. When you have inserted the reset lever, you can put the side cover back on and screw it together. Make sure that everything can be put back together easily and without force.

Attention: Do not pay too much attention to the print quality for the first few pages that are printed. The toner powder must first be evenly distributed in the cartridge. After that, your printouts should be of the usual quality again.

Safety note for handling refill toner:
Refill toner and toner powder can be harmful to health if improperly handled. We expressly recommend the use of respiratory protection equipment or suction chambers when filling toner cartridges. In addition, toner powder and refill toner can be extremely flammable with an appropriate oxygen mixture. Also, be careful not to touch the photoconductor drum or expose it to direct sunlight. This can lead to incorrect printouts.
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