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Refill Toner (Instructions) HP Q5942X, 42X - HP Laser Jet 4250 Series, HP 4350 Series

Refill instructions for HP 42X

HP Laser Jet 4250, HP 4250 DTN, HP 4250 DTNSL, HP 4250 N, HP 4250 Series, HP 4250 TN, HP 4350, HP 4350 DTN, HP 4350 DTNSL, HP 4350 N, HP 4350 Series, HP 4350 TN, Q5942X, 42X


Figure 1

Place the toner cartridge in front of you as shown in the picture. Melt a 10mm hole in the cartridge at the point marked below with the help of a soldering iron. Fill the refill toner into this hole with the help of a funnel (you will receive it with your order). Seal the hole with a piece of tissue tape. The cartridge is now full. If you want to fill your cartridge for the second time, you should empty the waste toner box (Please ensure that you always wear a mask and gloves when emptying). To do this, melt a hole at the point marked below. Keep the cartridge in a trash bag. Now turn the cartridge so that the residual toner can flow out of the cartridge. The waste toner cannot be reused

Figure 2
Figure 3

After two to three fillings, the photoconductor drum of your cartridge may begin to print streaks or a gray film. In this case it is used up. To replace the photoconductor drum you have to disassemble the cartridge